Friday, September 29, 2023

Alan Shearer sings Rocky music to Micah Richards as he grills him over Roy Keane video

Micah Richards has been trolled by Alan Shearer after acting as Roy Keane’s bodyguard following his alleged assault.

The former Manchester City defender was seen holding the attacker up against the wall and by the shirt after he allegedly headbutted Keane.

A man has been arrested after allegedly headbutting Keane at the Arsenal vs United matchTwitter @sjayy24s

Both Richards and Keane were making their way pitchside as part of Sky Sports’ Arsenal vs Manchester coverage when the incident broke out.

Richards has since broke his silence on The Rest Is Football podcast with Gary Lineker and Shearer.

Lineker opened with a monologue, stating: “One of us had an interesting weekend… Micah, you’re in the news.”

Richards replied: “Gary, I’m not allowed to talk about it. But when I’m allowed to talk about it, The Rest is Football will get it first.”

All three could be heard singing the Rocky theme tune during the opening minute of the latest episode.

And Shearer could not resist making a joke about the episode, saying: “I think the common opinion is ‘don’t f*** with big Meeks’.”

Lineker then said: “In case those of you are unaware, there was an incident at Arsenal yesterday where allegedly Roy Keane was headbutted by someone and a certain Micah Richards stepped in.

“We’ll get the full story at some point. It is something we shouldn’t trivialise, either, really, because obviously that is a serious thing if fans start attacking people.

The Rest Is FootballThe trio briefly spoke about the incident on the latest episode of The Rest Is Football[/caption]

Shearer particularly made light of the situationGetty

“We will wait until the police investigation is done until before we cover that story even more.”

Both Keane and Richards were in the members-only bar in the West Stand of the Emirates Stadium when it happened.

They were then led away by security to the Sky Studio as they commenced their punditry duties.

The Metropolitan Police have since confirmed a man has been arrested on suspicion of assault.

“Police are investigating an incident at Emirates Stadium on Sunday, during which a man was assaulted,” a spokesperson said.

“On Monday, a 42-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault (ABH).

“The man has been taken into police custody. Enquiries are ongoing.”

Arsenal defeated Manchester United 3-1, with Martin Odegaard cancelling out Marcus Rashford’s opener.

Declan Rice and Gabriel Jesus then netted in stoppage time, as Mikel Arteta’s side secured all three points.

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