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Alan Pardew and DJ Majestic are talkSPORT’s One Direction and the double act you didn’t know you needed

talkSPORT has a new double act in town ready to take over after being chucked together like ‘One Direction’.

Former Newcastle, Crystal Palace and West Ham boss Alan Pardew and DJ Majestic will host a new show every Sunday from 6pm to 9:30pm when the Premier League begins.

Pardew is getting ready for his first talkSPORT show this SundaytalkSPORT

Pards will be joined by DJ Majestic, who joked they have been put together like One Direction

The show – called ‘Final Word with Maj and Pards’ – will give fans the chance to phone up and discuss all the big talking points from the games that weekend.

It is part of a huge shake-up at talkSPORT ahead of the new season, with legendary broadcaster Jeff Stelling to become the new Sports Breakfast show host from December.

Both Pardew and Tottenham fan Majestic – real name Kevin Christie – are no strangers to talkSPORT listeners.

The ex-West Ham and Charlton boss often lends his expertise on various shows, while Majestic is a regular contributor on the Transfer Insiders with Ade Oladipo and Rory Jennings.

But few would have put the two together, with Majestic, who scored a number one hit in 2021 with his remix to Boney M.’s ‘Rasputin’, pointing out the pair hadn’t met before.

“We’ve been put together, almost like [boy band] One Direction,” joked Majestic who splits his time between England, Majorca and Ibiza.

A laughing Pardew quickly added: “We definitely didn’t meet in Ibiza, I just want to let you know – let’s kill that rumour before it starts!”

Pardew, who was most recently manager of Greek side Aris, continued: “I know of Maj because of my two daughters, I have a 26-year-old and a 23-year-old – both big music fans.

Pardew was most recently the manager of Greek side ArisGetty Images – Getty

Even if he’s got the moves, Pardew stressed they didn’t bump into each other in Ibiza

“I do believe that one of them is actually going to Ibiza shortly! So Maj is in their world, it’s great. They’re more excited about Maj than they are at anything I could possibly say.

“That’s what I love about the fact talkSPORT has put us together.

“We’re coming from two different places, we’ve got the same empathy and the same feelings I’m sure about taking care of people and looking after people.

“But at the same time, we’re also going to call it out if we need to.”

All signs point towards the pair being talkSPORT’s next power couple to follow in the footsteps of Alan Brazil and Ally McCoist, Simon Jordan and Jim White or Jason Cundy and Jamie O’Hara.

And when put on the spot about his colleagues, Pardew quipped: “I don’t know any of those names you just mentioned, they mean nothing to me!”

Majestic, top centre, splits his time between London and Spain and can’t wait to get started with ‘Maj and Pards’ on talkSPORT

Explaining what their show will be like, Pardew remarked: “One thing that excites me about the show is I think it’s going to be a bit different.

“You’ve got my side of the world, sort of older, experienced football knowledge, playing in and managing in every level of the game.

“And then you’ve got the young Maj, the new breed, who understands the game – loves the game – wants to talk about it, wants to express their emotions.

“I think it’ll be a good combination of the both.”

Majestic then declared that being able to pick Pardew’s brain was one of the reasons that drew him into working in the talkSPORT studio every week.

He said: “My two loves are music and sport. Having this on a Sunday now and being able to interact with all the fans.

“Because I’m a paying customer myself, I’ve got two season tickets over Spurs, I pay a lot. So I understand the frustrations of the fans.”

Pardew has led clubs to two FA Cup finals against the odds during his managerial career, first with West Ham in 2006Getty

He also guided Crystal Palace to the 2016 final, having played for them in the 1990 final as a playerGetty

He added: “I actually have a lot of empathy towards players and managers when people go, ‘oh they’ve got loads of money, it doesn’t matter if they’re having problems at home, they should just play’.

“I have a bit of empathy for that because I understand that from music and everyone being a human being regardless of their success.

“So I sit in a nice place where it combines both worlds, and then the idea of having Pards there, who, as he said, not only played and managed at every level, he lives and breathes the game as well.

“So having his knowledge for me is just so interesting, because I want to know what it’s like for the manager coming off the back of a bad game, what it’s like to go to that press conference.”

The pair’s first show is set to be a banger, with the duo to be on air to dissect Chelsea’s clash against Liverpool at Stamford Bridge.

Listen to Maj and Pards every Sunday from 6pm to 9:30pm

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