She’s trying to pass off being a major lame o as her plan

Kathy tried to make us think that her falling off her board first was her strategy. She’s trying to pass off being a major lame o as her plan. Yes Kathy, you’re a strategic genius. Benevolent Genie: The genie is a curious but good natured fellow who even tells the nephews that he is “eternally grateful” when they first free him. He takes no pleasure in granting wishes that are liable to cause trouble or are otherwise harmful, but he can’t resist for long before he is somehow compelled into bringing it into existence anyway. He even warns them early on to try and keep the wishes relatively subtle, as flashy displays of his magic invariably cause trouble. It is Jor El, Superman’s father. Selective Obliviousness: Mr. Oz, AKA Jor El, is a firm believer of Humans Are the Real Monsters due to seeing the handywork of Kassim’s militant group first hand and thus declares that all of humanity doesn’t deserve Superman.

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